In the Ancient Cedars of Whistler, BC, Canada, Carly De Patie would wander the forest as a young girl, developing an interest and curiosity of the all plant life surrounding her. As she grew into womanhood, the tides of life provided her with a unique opportunity to move to Byron Bay, Australia. Moving across the ocean at the age of 24, Carly began to experience firsthand the power of plants and food for healing while working on an organic vegetable farm.

In this environment, Carly learned the full-cycle process of small-scale farming as well as the medicinal uses of various types of flora. Carly discovered that certain herbs helped with anxiety, something she had quietly endured since being a young girl. During her time of mentorship and deep self-exploration in Australia, Carly was called to return home to Whistler to support her family during a health emergency. Returning to her family with this new-found knowledge and self-found resilience solidified Carly’s beliefs that plant medicine was her passion and purpose. She focused her energies towards sharing the benefits and knowledge of plant medicines knowing the potential to provide herself and her loved ones a better quality of life.

In 2015, Carly enrolled as a student for the Community Herbalist program at Pacific Rim College of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. During her certification and education, Carly formulated a product called the “Love Potion.” This first tincture is blended with plant-based ingredients and infused with potent natural tinctures and elements to arouse the senses and provide a calming and awakening experience between lovers. The Love Potion, through word of mouth and private referrals quickly became highly requested from individuals throughout British Columbia. 

Our Story

Meet our founder and creator, Carly De Patie.

Two years later, Raven Alchemy was created, to build on the formulation of the Love Potion and to develop new and emerging natural health products. Through rigorous testing, research and development, Raven Alchemy has created internal and external remedies for your everyday life using 100% natural ingredients from the best quality plants, herbs, elements and tinctures from reputable, ethical and sustainable manufacturers in Canada.

Raven Alchemy was created with passion and is now growing with a purpose: to provide plant-based, natural products that enhance and support a higher quality of life, health and wellbeing. 

We are glad you are here and welcome you to join us in the journey of discovering and sharing the benefits of the natural world.


Ravens are known to be intelligent, spiritual and resilient creatures that are often observed as gatekeepers between the natural and modern world. Ravens are adaptable, creative and can solve complex puzzles and problems while also adapting to almost every environment they land in. A raven can remember a face for years and can communicate with each other through generations of offspring in ways that humans have yet to completely understand. Raven Alchemy is a blend of the curiosity and connection to the natural world, while providing natural based remedies from the ancient world to our modern reality. Raven Alchemy aims to provide remedies to some of the puzzling questions we as humans have to our health and wellness and bridging the gap between the natural and the now.